The hard point in stepping in the Now is that what I usually call « my life » doesn’t fit there. My biography and it’s key moments, my body, my tastes, my opinions, my beliefs, my learnings, my knowledge, my skills, my projects, my dreams and aspirations, they all don’t fit there. Thus, stepping in the Now is about mourning « my life » and to be born to Life.

The hard point in stepping in the Now is then that the closer to the Now I get, the more « my life » feels threatened, panicks and fights back, finds strategies to get me back in the secure place of what I’ve been up till Now (the remembrance of the past), of what I think I am today (the remembrance of the present) and who I want to become tomorrow (the remembrance of the future).

« My life » struggles and fights because it can feel that, walking towards the Now, I lead it to the slaughterhouse.